First up!

Yo y’all!

First, we’ll do a quick run down of what you can expect here. Realistically, this is a little for me and my inner organizational but not quite a perfectionist, spaz. I’ve considered blogging for a while but never made the leap. Tonight, in an effort to distract myself, I (clearly!) decided to make that leap.

Who: I’ll be the only one blogging here. If you haven’t read my “about me” section yet, you can check it out here. And..I hope YOU get involved in the comments section!

What: I’ll be writing about my random thoughts. Keeping family up to date on some of our happenings. Sharing my experiences and various how-to pieces.

When: As of inception, I will plan to post every other day. We’ll see where this takes us from there!

Where: Why here of course! My blog’s homepage can be accessed here.

Why: To empty my brain. Share. Maybe help you accomplish something while we’re at it!

How: Transposing between my journal and here and asking y’all questions.

Speaking of asking questions, here’s my first. What items would y’all like to see me cover?

That’s it for now, talk to y’all soon!




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