Crazy crap people Bing.

Have you ever started typing in your favorite search engine and thought, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Seriously.

What do some of these even mean? Do we need a quiz to tell us who we are? “Who are you school 2015,” what does that even mean?


So um, are you asking the internet or Bing specifically if they are your friend? I think the internet is always home, right? No? How long is the drive?


In my swamp? Ok, I don’t watch movies, but please tell me that’s from a movie.


Random much? I think all of the searches provided here show exactly why education is important! *sigh*


I don’t even want to know.


Maybe the internet being its friend explains the whole are you home thing? No? Ok, I’ll keep trying.


I’ll leave you to it now. This makes my brain hurt.

Later y’all.



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