An open letter to our kids

Journal Image

Dear Chitlins:

I love you.

I am nervous.

I am paranoid.

I worry.

Am I doing this right?

Have I taught you anything?

Do you know me at all?

Do you know too much?

I pray.

I hope all is ok.

I want the world for you.

I take you to church.

Do you believe in us as parents?

Do you appreciate the life you have?

Have I taken you for granted?

Do you know I love you?

I obsess.

I ask eight million questions.

I take lots of pictures.

I repeat…and repeat.

Do you know you can be anything you want to be?

Do you know I will back you no matter what life brings?

Do you know I appreciate you all equally?

Do you know you’re incredibly bright?

I instill.

I encourage.

I repeat..and repeat.

I work.

Do you know you’re beautiful/handsome?

Do you know I want to give you the world?

Do you know I’m only one person?

Do you know I feel awful when I can’t be somewhere?

I preach manners.

I encourage you to be kind.

I urge you to make the right decisions.

I try to be consistent.

Do you know you’re a good kid?

Do you know I believe in you?

Do you know why I need you to behave?

Do you know I know you’re not perfect?

I know I’m not always patient.

I push responsibility.

I appreciate it when you do volunteer work.

I need you to be honest.

Do you know we love you and you’re our world?

We love you and you’re our world.








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