Are they all yours?!

I get this question a lot, actually every time someone learns how many kids we have. There are a variety of spins on the question. It’s usually something like:

Are they all yours?

You DO know what causes this right?

Do you think you have enough?

You have your own team!

Wow, how do you do it?

And you still have all your hair!

Then it usually goes into something about my appearance or figure and/or how crazy we are or more emphasis on how it’s nuts.

I understand the questions and most people are kind about it, but some people are flat-out jerks.

Once we were all out to eat at Red Robins and a nearby diner implied that we shouldn’t be spending our money at a restaurant when we needed to just use our food stamp card to buy groceries and eat at home. Pretty plainly stated. He didn’t even know us! I kindly notified him that we don’t have a food stamp card and we can do as we wish, but thanks anyways. Ridiculous absurdity of an assumption on his part.

I sometimes wish that I would’ve said more and put him in his place but I didn’t. Instead, I kept it succinct and kind, to try to be a good example for small listening ears.

It’s amazing how an experience like that sticks with you. However, I opt to be thankful for the people who are kind to us and offer warm greetings to our large family.

So this brings me to our typical answer. Yes we have six, we’re a combined Brady Brunch – three boys and three girls. I often wish we had an Alice, but that’s besides the point. We’ve been together since the youngest two were babies.

Sure it’s stressful and exhausting at times, but there is so much good! The kids make us proud and keep us entertained. There’s never a dull moment and someone always wants to bake! There’s lots of love in the house and always someone to talk to. Sometimes my favorite evenings are when we just sit around the table after dinner and talk.

In the end we always have to find the silver lining. I have my silver lining, what’s yours?

Later y’all,


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