I live in a pile of laundry.

I really think I do, live in a pile of laundry, that is. It’s nonstop, no matter how many loads I do, there’s always more! I suppose with eight people and two dogs that will happen. I feel like a broken record every time I throw another load in. I’m certain they don’t even listen to me anymore. Someone standing outside the laundry room new to the shenanigans might find themselves rather confused, or perhaps with an eyebrow raised at the things I say.

In my laundry journey, I’ve learned a few things to make my life easier. Perhaps one or two will help you too!

When we first started our journey (and the kids were teeny tots), I tried to continue my so-called perfect separation of laundry piles. Darks, colors, reds, jeans, towels, whites, blah. Then I discovered Shout Color Catchers! Seriously, go get yourself some of these things. I can put all our regular clothes in ONE load. No bleeding of colors, ever. You don’t even have to use a full sheet! If you don’t have any new clothes for the particular load, use half a sheet (I use half a sheet in every regular clothes load – just in case!).

Thanks to being able to combine all the clothes in one load, I only need three baskets for dirty clothes, score! The kids bring their baskets and empty into the three community baskets. I also have three baskets for clean clothes, one for boys, one for girls, one for parents. I lay the clothes flat in each basket and the kids can check the baskets once or twice a day to get their things quickly (don’t let this fool you, I still have to remind them!).

I used to grab handfuls of clothes and throw them into the dryer, as is. I learned shaking out clothing pieces as they come out of the wash to ensure they’re separated and not shoving them into the dryer reduces the drying time immensely.

I used to throw away the dryer sheets when the loads were done. Now, I use the dryer sheets to clean the lint filter, do a quick dusting job, or wipe down blinds/windowsills.

I dilute our fabric softener to about 1/4 water and 3/4 softener. It still works just as effectively and it lasts a lot longer. I backup the fresh scent with Purex Crystals when I need to but find I use them a lot because the scent lasts longer than it ever did even with non-diluted fabric softener, even days later.

Did you find anything that might be useful for you? What tips to you have to help make laundry easier?

Later y’all!


Are they all yours?!

I get this question a lot, actually every time someone learns how many kids we have. There are a variety of spins on the question. It’s usually something like:

Are they all yours?

You DO know what causes this right?

Do you think you have enough?

You have your own team!

Wow, how do you do it?

And you still have all your hair!

Then it usually goes into something about my appearance or figure and/or how crazy we are or more emphasis on how it’s nuts.

I understand the questions and most people are kind about it, but some people are flat-out jerks.

Once we were all out to eat at Red Robins and a nearby diner implied that we shouldn’t be spending our money at a restaurant when we needed to just use our food stamp card to buy groceries and eat at home. Pretty plainly stated. He didn’t even know us! I kindly notified him that we don’t have a food stamp card and we can do as we wish, but thanks anyways. Ridiculous absurdity of an assumption on his part.

I sometimes wish that I would’ve said more and put him in his place but I didn’t. Instead, I kept it succinct and kind, to try to be a good example for small listening ears.

It’s amazing how an experience like that sticks with you. However, I opt to be thankful for the people who are kind to us and offer warm greetings to our large family.

So this brings me to our typical answer. Yes we have six, we’re a combined Brady Brunch – three boys and three girls. I often wish we had an Alice, but that’s besides the point. We’ve been together since the youngest two were babies.

Sure it’s stressful and exhausting at times, but there is so much good! The kids make us proud and keep us entertained. There’s never a dull moment and someone always wants to bake! There’s lots of love in the house and always someone to talk to. Sometimes my favorite evenings are when we just sit around the table after dinner and talk.

In the end we always have to find the silver lining. I have my silver lining, what’s yours?

Later y’all,


An open letter to our kids

Journal Image

Dear Chitlins:

I love you.

I am nervous.

I am paranoid.

I worry.

Am I doing this right?

Have I taught you anything?

Do you know me at all?

Do you know too much?

I pray.

I hope all is ok.

I want the world for you.

I take you to church.

Do you believe in us as parents?

Do you appreciate the life you have?

Have I taken you for granted?

Do you know I love you?

I obsess.

I ask eight million questions.

I take lots of pictures.

I repeat…and repeat.

Do you know you can be anything you want to be?

Do you know I will back you no matter what life brings?

Do you know I appreciate you all equally?

Do you know you’re incredibly bright?

I instill.

I encourage.

I repeat..and repeat.

I work.

Do you know you’re beautiful/handsome?

Do you know I want to give you the world?

Do you know I’m only one person?

Do you know I feel awful when I can’t be somewhere?

I preach manners.

I encourage you to be kind.

I urge you to make the right decisions.

I try to be consistent.

Do you know you’re a good kid?

Do you know I believe in you?

Do you know why I need you to behave?

Do you know I know you’re not perfect?

I know I’m not always patient.

I push responsibility.

I appreciate it when you do volunteer work.

I need you to be honest.

Do you know we love you and you’re our world?

We love you and you’re our world.








Crazy crap people Bing.

Have you ever started typing in your favorite search engine and thought, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?! Seriously.

What do some of these even mean? Do we need a quiz to tell us who we are? “Who are you school 2015,” what does that even mean?


So um, are you asking the internet or Bing specifically if they are your friend? I think the internet is always home, right? No? How long is the drive?


In my swamp? Ok, I don’t watch movies, but please tell me that’s from a movie.


Random much? I think all of the searches provided here show exactly why education is important! *sigh*


I don’t even want to know.


Maybe the internet being its friend explains the whole are you home thing? No? Ok, I’ll keep trying.


I’ll leave you to it now. This makes my brain hurt.

Later y’all.



Who knew?!

There is so much to blogging, did you know that? Will anyone give two cruds about what I have to say? What does this button do? OMG, WHAT DID THAT BUTTON DO! HOW DO I UNDO IT! I mean, there are lots of buttons and options. Thank goodness for Bing and Google to help me through it!

I have a journal I’ve kept for a bit of random ideas and such. Some are personal thoughts, some are general ideas or things I wanted out of my brain and others are how I did or accomplished something. I had the brilliant idea to starting typing instead. It feels like the webs and pages are infinite but I only have so many pages in this little notebook of mine.

Do you keep a journal? If so, what do you write about?

First up!

Yo y’all!

First, we’ll do a quick run down of what you can expect here. Realistically, this is a little for me and my inner organizational but not quite a perfectionist, spaz. I’ve considered blogging for a while but never made the leap. Tonight, in an effort to distract myself, I (clearly!) decided to make that leap.

Who: I’ll be the only one blogging here. If you haven’t read my “about me” section yet, you can check it out here. And..I hope YOU get involved in the comments section!

What: I’ll be writing about my random thoughts. Keeping family up to date on some of our happenings. Sharing my experiences and various how-to pieces.

When: As of inception, I will plan to post every other day. We’ll see where this takes us from there!

Where: Why here of course! My blog’s homepage can be accessed here.

Why: To empty my brain. Share. Maybe help you accomplish something while we’re at it!

How: Transposing between my journal and here and asking y’all questions.

Speaking of asking questions, here’s my first. What items would y’all like to see me cover?

That’s it for now, talk to y’all soon!